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Jubilee Bowling League - 2019

Jubilee Bowling League - 2019


1.       The League shall be known as the (Sponsor name if applicable) Jubilee Bowling League.


2.       Any Club wishing to resign or new Club applying for League membership must notify the League Secretary by 1st January. Applications for membership will be considered by the Management Committee and put to the AGM for approval.

The annual membership fee shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. This must be paid to the League Secretary/League Treasurer not later than 30th April.


3.       The Management shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committeemen.

4.       The Annual General Meeting will be held during the month of January each ear to discuss the business of the ensuing season. Each team shall be entitled to send a delegate to the meeting, which shall constitute the Executive Committee.

5.       Handicapping shall be carried out by the Executive Committee and delegated to the Management Committee whose decision will be final and binding.

6.       The Rules will be on the online bowls website from 2018. Each captain to print off a copy and shall be bound thereby. Any Club making a complaint must do so in writing or email within 5 days of the incident. All infringements of the rules will be dealt with by the Management Committee, who will decide the penalty against the offenders; such penalty may include expulsion from the League.

7.       Any appeal against a ruling of the Management Committee must be accompanied by a deposit of £5. The appeal will be considered by the Executive Committee and in the event of the appeal being upheld the deposit shall be returned, otherwise it shall be forfeited.

8.       The League Secretary shall convene a Special Meeting at any time on receiving a requisition to that effect, signed by the Secretaries of not less than three Clubs belonging to the League.

9.    Each Club Secretary will submit a list of players to the League Secretary not later than 1st April each year, or the date set for the league fixtures collection. Any person signing for two Clubs or more will be assumed to be registered with the Club he/she first plays for.         

9a. Players can be registered at any time during the season, adding the name and BCGBA number to the results sheet or informing the Secretary before the match on the proviso that he/she is a member of the club/team they are playing for.

9b.  Clubs with more than one team may play their players up or down up to 5 times each in any season and at any time during that season.

10.  Any team playing an ineligible player shall lose the game 21-0. This incident will be dealt with further by the Management Committee who has the power to order a replay if considered necessary.

11. The Championship of each Division will be awarded to the team gaining the greatest number of points. Match points will be awarded as follows:-  Each Individual Winner – 1 point, Away Team Aggregate Win- 3 points, Home Team Aggregate Win – 2 points, Away Team Aggregate Draw – 2 points, Home Team Aggregate Draw – 1 point.  Should two teams finish with equal points, precedence will be given to the team with the greater aggregate. The same formula would apply to relegation.

12.   In the event of teams finishing with equal points, the Championship or Runners up and relegation positions to be decided by aggregate difference including handicaps.


14.   Each game shall be marked by two markers, one from each team. In all cases of disputes arising as to the marking and a satisfactory settlement not being effected between the two markers or by the respective Captains, the score shall revert to the end where both markers show the score to have agreed.


15.   Standard Jacks to be used must be to BCGBA specification, the visiting team to have first lead of the Jack.


16.   The Jacks to be used in the match must be allowed to the visiting team for practice.


17.   The number constituting each team shall be eight persons. In the event of any Club not playing a full team particulars and explanations to be sent within three days to the League Secretary by the Captain or Secretary of each Club concerned. The Management Committee shall have the power to impose a suitable penalty.


18.   The order of play shall be left to the Home Captain, subject to the wishes of the visiting team being considered with regard to any players having to come from or go to work, and that the full draw of both teams to be made before the commencement of the match.


19.   The Captain or other player of the away team making the draw shall be allowed to practice with the Home team.


20.   In the event of a players having a walk-over by reason of the opposing team being a player short, the said player shall count 21-0 for the purpose of the match but for his/her individual aggregate the said player is deemed to have won 21-11. The Average Prize shall be decided by one point for a home win and two points for an away win. In the event of a tie, the aggregate will decide the winner.


21.   All matches must be played as per Fixture List unless both teams agree to change the date. Home Captain to inform the League Secretary of the new date as soon as it is decided.


22.   Any match postponed on account of the weather must be replayed as soon as possible by agreement between the two Captains and the League Secretary must be informed. In the event of failure to agree on a date the Home team must offer three alternative dates. The Away team must accept one of these dates otherwise the Management Committee will take appropriate action (as per rule 6).


23.   No match, once started, may be abandoned due to inclement weather unless both captains so agree.


24.   The commencement of the league matches shall be 6-30pm. A quarter of an hour beforehand being allowed for the visiting players practice. In case of inclement weather, and the Captains agreeing, an hour’s grace must be allowed before a match is cancelled. After the first four games are completed the remaining four Jacks must be on the green within a maximum limit of 15 minutes. Failing to do so will incur a penalty for each defaulting Jack of 21-0 to the opposing team.


25.   The Roy Tandy Trophy Competition is open to all Jubilee League registered players.  Each player must have played a minimum of 5 games during the current season to be eligible to enter this competition.


26.   Any motion to add to, amend or annul these rules must be made in writing to the League Secretary. Such motion shall be submitted to the Management Committee for consideration and, if approved, shall be incorporated from a date to be determined.







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