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Knott End & District Bowling League - 2018

Knott End & District Bowling League - 2018

  • League Rules


    1. The League shall be known as The Knott End & District Mixed Bowling League and shall be open to all bowling clubs on acceptance of application by existing members at the AGM.

    2. The affairs of the league shall be governed by the Committee of the league whose decision will be final. No Committee member will be permitted to vote on matters affecting their club.

    3. The Committee of the league shall be the President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six members elected at the AGM.

    4. The AGM shall be held in January/February and all member clubs shall receive a minimum of14 days’ notice of this meeting. Each member team is entitled to one vote in respect of adoption of the balance sheet, election of officers of the league and acceptance of clubs into the league for ensuing season. Notice of motion put forward by any club, the transaction of any other relevant business.

    5. The league secretary shall convene a special meeting at any time on receiving a requisition to that effect signed by the secretaries of no less than 3 member clubs.

    6. Notice of any proposed amendments or alteration of rules & bye-laws, or notice of any motion to be proposed by any club, must be sent to the secretary together with the names of the proposer and seconder a minimum of 21 days prior to AGM. The Secretary shall notify all clubs in the league of the matter to be dealt with at a meeting and no other business should be discussed other than listed on the agenda.

    7. No bye-law or rule of the league shall be altered, rescinded or added to, nor shall any notice of motion be passed without two thirds of the members voting in favour at any meeting.

    8. The annual membership subscription which must be paid on or before 1st May each year shall be decided at the AGM.

    9. All Matches or competitions organised by the league shall be played strictly under the rules laid down by the BCGBA together with such additional rules as may from time to time be adopted by the league and be bound thereby. In case of any infringement thereof by any club shall be liable to expulsion from the league, or if offence is found to affect the result of a league match points shall be deducted from the offending club if the league so decides. In case of a cup competition match the league shall have the power to award the match to the offending clubs opponent in that match.

    10. All clubs in the league shall play home & away matches each season according to the official fixture list and no alterations shall take place other than postponements due to green conditions, except by mutual agreement of the captains of the respective clubs. Where such agreement exists, the match must be played before the final match of the season and the home club to notify the league secretary in advance. The secretary shall have the powers to refuse any such alterations and report any infringement of the rules to the league committee. Any club failing to comply with this regulation shall automatically be fined £5 for each offence and where it is proved that the other club involved has contributed to the offence they may also be fined a similar amount at the discretion of the league committee.

    11. During a season a club member may play for either of the clubs A or B team (even if in the same division). No player having played in one team shall play in a fixture from the same “week”. The “week” being Monday to the following Sunday. Once a player has played 6 league games for one team they must then only play for that team. During the last 4 scheduled weeks of the season a player shall only play for one of the club’s teams even if they have not played 6 games.
      1. If a player plays in a match contravening rule 10 then the result of the game played by said player will be given as 21-0 to the opposing team and the team being given a two-point deduction.
      2. This rule will not apply for cup games; a player must only play cup games for the first club team they play for in the cup. If a team contravene this rule the result of the game played will be 21-0 to the opposing team.

    12. A player may only play for one club during a season unless:
      1. 11.1 Their original club have withdrawn from the league after the commencement of the season
      2. 11.2 Exceptionally, and only before 1st June, a club can apply to the league secretary, with a letter of agreement from the other club, to transfer a player who has played not more than three league matches for the other club.

    13. Matches shall commence at 7.30pm except where stated on fixture list. Visiting teams shall be allowed a quarter of and hours practise immediately preceding the commencement time. Home team shall be allowed practise immediately before the visitors practise time. Home club must make blocks available for the visiting team.

    14. The number of players constituting a league team shall be eight. Each game shall be 21 up and visiting players shall have first lead of the jack at initial end.

    15. No match may be postponed due to inclement weather unless both captains agree that the green is unfit to play. Any postponement on these grounds must be notified to the league secretary and the game played before the final match of the season. In the event of the captains being unable to agree this must be reported to the league secretary and if the league committee rule that a club has contravened this rule that club will automatically be fined £10 and may be expelled from the league at the committee discretion.

    16. If any match is unfinished due to weather it must be replayed in its entirety. In the event of wet weather making the home game unplayable the home captain must notify the visiting team captain no later than one hour before the match is due to commence. All postponed matches must be replayed two weeks before the end of the season.

    17. In the case of a team failing to fulfil a fixture the secretary of the other competing club shall forthwith report to the league secretary.

    18. Any matches not played before the final match of the season will be null and void and a fine of £10 or points deduction of 5 points may apply to the offending team(s) to be decided on by the Committee. In the event one of the last 2 games of the season is postponed due to inclement weather only then they will have until 7 days after the end of the season to play the match in question.

    19. The order of play for each league match shall be decided on the draw of the cards. Any team not fielding a full side will be liable to a £2 fine in respect to each absent player. Any match involving absent players shall be counted as 21-0 for the team aggregate.

    20. For purpose of the league averages any player having a walkover due to the opposing team being a man short will score a 21-16 win.

    21. In the event of a dispute over the score of the game which is to be marked by a representative of each competing club, the score on the card when last checked will be deemed correct. Cards to be checked every 5 ends.

    22. The detailed results of each match shall be sent to the secretary by the home team to arrive by Tuesday of the following week. In case of any offence against this rule the home, club shall be fined £2. The home captain may use the web site www.online-bowls.com selecting Knott End & District Bowling League to record the result of the match. Rules governing late results still apply.

    23. The Merit prize for the league shall be awarded to the player with the greatest number of points, providing they have missed no more than 3 games. Points shall be awarded 1 point for a home win and 2 points for an away win. If there is a tie for points, then Average will determine winner.

    24. The championship shall be awarded to the team obtaining the greatest number of points. Matches to be decided on the points progress system; one point shall be given for each individual win, four points shall be given to the visiting team winning the aggregate at the end of the game, and two points shall be given to the home team winning the aggregate at the end of the game. Maximum points to be collected are twelve points by the visiting team and ten points by the home team. If there is a tie on the aggregate score the visiting team shall receive three points and the home team one point. In the case of a tie, League positions will be decided as follows: -
      1. The team with the most games won
      2. The team with the most games drawn
      3. Greatest number of points in games between the teams concerned
      4. Better aggregate points difference in games between the teams concerned
      5. The Team with the highest number of total winners
      6. he team with the highest individual aggregate difference
      7. n the unlikely event of the teams still being level, a play-off will take place between the teams concerned.

    25. It was passed at the AGM that if any more teams drop out of any division it must be two up two down weather they finish one, two, three or so on from the bottom.

    26. All teams with floodlights, matches start at 7.30pm.

    27. All players must present no more than 30 minutes after the official start time.

    28. Number cards will be used with the home team putting their number 1 to 4 which go on first half with 4 to 8 going on second half.

    29. All cup matches will be drawn by the committee.

    30. The Home team shall be the team drawn first in the tie.

    31. Visiting teams shall be allowed a quarter of and hours practise immediately preceding the commencement time.

    32. All teams shall be handicapped as decided by the league committee.

    33. Away teams to receive +12 on handicap.

    34. In cup matches away team starts with the block.

    35. In the event of a draw the game is to be replayed before the next round. Failure to agree, toss of a coin to decide the winner.

    36. HIGHAM CUP

    37. Doubles Competition played over one day at the green of the following year president

    38. £5 Entry per pair

    39. Each Team must send a pair or a £10 will be issued

    40. Division 2 pairs get +3 aggregate unless on home green

    41. Previous year winner enters for free


    43. Each team must field one player for Presidents Day. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine. Teams may give 10 days’ notice for absence to avoid a fine.

    44. At president’s day, any player wishing to enter as an extra to fill spaces in the draw will be put into a hat and drawn out as each match with a space comes along.
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