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Longridge & District Mixed Bowling League - 2020

Longridge & District Mixed Bowling League - 2020

16/03/2020 - Please see below an excerpt from a BCGBA Message, sent to county secretaries, Management and Officers, Leagues and members.

Following the Government Announcement this afternoon, it is with great sadness that we now have to suspend all bowling for the forseeable future.

All BCGBA meetings should now be postponed as un-necessary travel should be avoided. Contact in Pubs, Clubs and restaurants to be avoided.

Taking this all into account all leagues should now suspend matches until such time as we are given an all clear to resume competition.

All BCGBA and BCGLCC Competitions are now suspended until further notice this should include all qualifier events.

  • League Tables - 2020
League Tables - Updated - Sunday 5th April 2020, 13:26

Division 1

 Brickhouse 'A'
 Crown 'A'
 Empire Services A
 Galgate A
 Inskip 'A'
 Lea 'B'
 Nateby A
 Owd Nells Tavern F.T.
 St. Michaels 'B'
 Woodplumpton 'B'

Division 2

 Acregate Labour 'A'
 Acregate Labour 'B'
 Ashton 'A'
 Broughton 'A'
 Deepdale Ramblers
 Goose Green A
 Kirkham Conservative 'A'
 Longridge Conservative 'A'
 Lonsdale B

Division 3

 Barton 'A'
 Crown 'B'
 Deepdale A
 Hurst Green 'A'
 Inskip 'B'
 Lonsdale A
 Roebuck 'A'
 Roebuck 'B'
 Whitechapel 'A'
 Woodplumpton 'A'

Division 4

 Broughton 'B'
 Elswick A
 Empire Services B
 Kirkham Conservative 'B'
 Lea 'A'
 Lowther Gardens
 Owd Nells Tavern T.F.
 Pilling Reading Room
 St. Anthony Thurlby
 St. Bernards
 St. Michaels 'A'

Division 5

 Ashton Nomads
 Barton 'B'
 East End
 Fulwood Bowling 'A'
 Galgate B
 Garstang 'A'
 Hurst Green 'B'
 Moor Park 'C'
 Nateby B
 Whitechapel 'B'
 Whittingham 'B'

Division 6

 Ashton 'B'
 Brickhouse 'B'
 Deepdale B
 Elswick B
 Fulwood Bowling 'B'
 Garstang 'B'
 Goose Green B
 Great Eccleston
 Longridge Conservative 'B'
 Moor Park 'B'
 Whittingham 'A'
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