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Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League - 2019

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Thornton Cleveleys Men's Bowling League - 2019

  • League Rules


  • 01. TITLE- The title is the THORNTON CLEVELEYS MEN'S BOWLING LEAGUE and Comprises bona fide Amateur Bowling Clubs in the area.

    02. OFFICERS- The officers are President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.

    03. COMMITTEE- Between Annual General Meetings the business of the League is carried out by the committee which comprises the Officers and up to six other members elected at the A.G.M. Neither an Officer nor a Committee member votes on a matter affecting his own club.

    04. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING- The AGM is held in February to:- Adopt the Financial Statement;
    Elect officers, committee members and two honorary auditors;
    Decide on applications from new clubs or teams (new entrants to play in the lowest division);
    Decide the bowling format for the coming season's league cup and individual competitions;
    Deal with motions and any other relevant business;
    Decide honoraria.
    Club motions are notified in writing to the Secretary by 31st December; the Secretary notifies all clubs of the agenda and motions at least 14 days before the AGM.

    05. OTHER GENERAL MEETINGS- The Secretary convenes a special General Meeting if requested to do so by at least three clubs.

    06. VOTING- There is no Restriction on players attending or speaking at General Meetings, but each club as a maximum of two votes.

    07. FINANCE- An account is maintained with a local branch of one of the major banks or building societies. Cheques are signed by any two of the Officers of President, Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer. The financial year ends on 31st December. The Treasurer submits a financial statement to the AGM and, on request to other General Meetings and to the Committee. Club subscriptions must be paid to the Treasurer by 1st April for the coming bowling season. No Club will be allowed to play in the league in the forthcoming season if accounts from previous seasons have not been paid by the date of the AGM.

    08. REGISTRATION OF PLAYERS- Any new club joining the league, must submit a printed list of their members to the results Secretary by the 1st April for the coming season. This list should detail Christian name, Surname & BCGBA Reg No. For all existing clubs in the league, the list of registered players from the previous season will be automatically carried over to form their starting list of registered players for the coming season. There will be no requirement for existing clubs to forward a list of their registered members to the results Secretary, unless they wish to do so. Any amendments to a clubs existing list of members can be made at any time by contacting the results Secretary with details of members to be added or removed from the existing list. Any team that finds themselves short of players on the night may play anyone providing:
    1) He holds a valid BCGBA number
    2) He is a member of the club
    3) He has not played for any other club in the Thornton Cleveleys League in that season.
    Details of any new player(s) must be submitted on the match result card. If a club has more than one team in the league he may play for either team, but only one game in a calendar week (ie Sunday Morning to Saturday evening). He may continue to play for either team up to the last four matches of the seasom whereupon the team he has played most games for will be the team he finishes the season with. If he has played equal games with both teams he must finish the season with the highest placed team. A player cannot normally play for more than one club in a season and only before 1st of July can apply to the league Secretary with a letter of agreemeent from the other club agreeing the transfer of the player who must not have played more than six games for his original club.

    09. BOWLING RULES- League matches, cup matches, individual competitions are played under British Crown Green Bowling Association rules. Clubs must have 8 standard jacks.

    10. TEAM MATCHES- Each team comprises eight players. In the 15 minutes before scheduled match start time, the away team has the exclusive use of the green for practice. The away team captain can, alternatively, practise earlier for up to 15 minutes. The draw is done in two halves, each captain deciding the players for each half. The away team has the first use of the jack at the first end. Four games can start at the scheduled match start time; as one came is completed, another starts until the 8th game is started.

    11. MAN SHORT OR NOT CONTINUING- If a player (or his reserve) is not available to play when the last game is due to start, his opponent, if present counts a 21-0 win for the purpose of the match score. For the purpose of his individual aggregate, the player present is deemed to have won 21-11. If having started a game a player does not continue, then his opponent will count 21 against the score reached by that player for the purpose of the individual aggregates. The match score for that game to be determined in accordance with the relevant paragraph of the B.C.G.B.A laws of the game.

    12. INCLEMENT WEATHER- If there is no agreement between the two captains and, consequently, a match is not started or is not completed, the team prepared to play reports the disagreement to the Secretary (for Committee decision). Otherwise, a postponed or abandoned match is re-arranged by the two captains and must be played within three weeks of the scheduled fixture, with both captains informing Secretary of the new agreed date, or by agreement with the League Secretary. In the case of an abandoned match, completed games stand and other games are replayed in their entirety.

    13. OTHER RE-ARRANGED MATCHES- A scheduled match can be re-arranged for reasons other than inclement weather only with the approval of the League Secretary. Such a match must be played either before or within seven days of the scheduled date or by agreement with the League Secretary.

    14. MATCH RESULTS- Home team captain to prepare a detailed result card with players full names to be legibly entered. Both team captains to check and agree final individual game scores, plus match score and aggregate prior to both captains signing the card. Home team captain to ensure that the result reaches the Secretary by 12 noon on the succeeding Tuesday. Match results may be submitted electronically, via the website/email and or by post. In the event where a result is submitted electronically and not by post it is the responsibility of the home team captain to retain a copy of the actual result card, until the end of season, in case of any disputes.

    15. LEAGUE MATCHES- League matches are scheduled for Friday evenings. League matches start at 7pm unless an earlier time is shown in the fixture book.

    16. LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP- League match points are awarded as follows;

      one point for each winning player,
      two for a home Aggregate win,
      three for an away Aggregate win,
      one for a home aggregate tie,
      two for an away aggregate tie.

    If two or more teams finish equal points, in the championship, runner-up or relegation position, final placings will be decided by the teams net aggregate chalks over the season; if the aggregate chalks are equal, the most individual winners decides. There is two-up/two-down promotion/relegation between league divisions or as decided by the AGM if the league divisions are adjusted.

    17. LEAGUE INDIVIDUAL PRIZES- A prize for the individual merit winner in each division shall be awarded by the league. The merit winner shall be determined by the number of games won in league matches in each division. A player shall be awarded one point for a home win and two points for an away win. If the number of points are identical then the player with best aggregate wins, if still tied then the player with most individual match wins will be deemed the winner.

    18. LEAGUE DOUBLES COMPETITION- The league doubles competition is open to all league bowlers. Pairs can be from any club, but each player must have played at least one league game. Closing date for entries will be 7 days prior to the competition date and will be limited to a maximum of 32 pairs. No practice will be allowed. The competition date and entry fees will be announced at the A.G.M.

    19. PRIZES- Prizes are decided by the committee and are awarded to the top two teams in each league division, to cup-finalists and to the individual merit winner in each league division.

    20. COMPLAINTS- Any complaint must be sent in writing by a club official with a £5 deposit to the league Secretary. Any other party to a protest or complaint will be given an opportunity to make a written statement and oral representation to the Committee. After a written complaint has been considered by the committee, the £5 deposit will be returned to the complaining club unless the complaint is found to be groundless or trivial.

    21. RULE INFRINGEMENTS- Any club not sending a delegate to the AGM is fined £5. Late payment of club subscriptions (rule 7) will automatically result in a fine of £2 per day with a maximum fine of £20. A club contravening rule 8 (unregistered player) is fined £5, has four league points deducted, and for the purpose of the match aggregate the individual game is deemed to be lost 0-21 (the other player counts a 21-11 win for the purpose of his individual aggregate). A fine of £5 is imposed by the Secretary for each infringement of rule 14. A club in breach of rule 13 (match re-arranged) without League Secretary approval) is fined £5. Any team in breach of league rules 12 or 13, failure to play rearranged game in specified time frame, will result in both a 4 points deduction and £5. fine for each team. If a club infringes any of the other rules the committee have the power to impose an appropriate penalty for the offence. Any fines not paid by the end of season will result in a five point penalty for offending teams.
    Any player reported to the league on three or more occasions for using "Foul or abusive language", backed up by two separate witnesses, will be fined £10. The player will be suspended from any future league matches and competitions for the remainder of the season.

    22. RULE AMENDMENTS- The rules are amended only after a two-thirds majority vote on a motion to the Annual General Meeting.
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